A Fond Farewell To Your Friend And Neighbor: KRCC’s Vicky Gregor Is Retiring After 25 Years

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Ryan Warner
Vicky Gregor has been the music coordinator at KRCC in Colorado Springs for nearly three decades.

KRCC's Music Coordinator and evening music mix host, Vicky Gregor, is hanging up her hat, retiring after several decades of providing the soundtrack to our lives on KRCC. Her last music broadcast was Friday, July 2, 2021.

KRCC aired a tribute to Vicky, now embedded in this post.

We are so grateful to Vicky for everything she's meant to both the KRCC team and the musical landscape of Southern Colorado, Northern New Mexico and the world beyond.

As Vicky wrote in her latest music newsletter, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later!":

I guess the best way to say this is "Goodbye...and Hello!" I will be wrapping up my evening music mix show on Friday, July 2. After a few decades plus of playing music on-air for you, I realize that putting together my last show will be exactly the same as any other one I have done. I invite the muse to guide me, I remember conversations I have had with you about bands and records that you love, and finally, I open any drawer in our incredible music library and dive in.  

You will see and hear me pop up all over the place in the near future. I will continue to write record reviews for the music newsletter. That way, I don't stop strangers on the street and start nerding out over the latest thing to catch my ear! Jeff and I are developing a 60-second "musical note" that will cover bands, albums, and live performance roundups, to be broadcast on KRCC. And, of course, the community room you may have heard about over at the Southern Colorado Public Media Center (720 N. Tejon) will be hosting as many bands and musicians as we can get our hands on. It will be my great honor to present any and all.

You have been a gift to me through all these years. Thank you. The music always sounds better in your company.

- Vicky Gregor

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