New Hyperloop Testing Facility Coming To Pueblo

Courtesy Swisspod
An artist’s rendering of hyperloop pods and tubes like the ones that could be built near Pueblo.

A new testing facility for a transportation technology known as hyperloop could soon be coming to Pueblo. If hyperloop becomes reality, it’s a system that runs vehicle pods through sealed tubes at incredible speeds, hundreds of miles an hour. 

Denis Tudor runs Swisspod, the company developing the technology. He says Pueblo is ideal for the work.

“We’re thinking in the next two years to open 1,000 jobs, which are dedicated for deep tech and high tech technologies,” he said. “It’s important for us also to find local talent(s) here and to bring them in the right spot.”

Kari Gonzales leads Transportation Technology Center Incorporated in Pueblo. She says her group is excited to work with hyperloop company SwissPod — even if it’s a little outside research work they’re known for.

“Being a hometown girl it's amazing to be able to see my capability to help bring technology to Pueblo that really is going to be a bright spot for our community,”she said.

The plan calls for building a new test site at PuebloPlex — on decommissioned chemical depot land — east of the city. The company hopes to have the facility up and running in a few years.