More homes coming on to the market in Pueblo and Fremont counties, but sales numbers aren’t bumping up yet

Shanna Lewis/KRCC News
A sign on a home for sale in Pueblo on March 15, 2024.

Homes in Pueblo County are still selling and the number of homes coming on the market is increasing in some parts of southeastern Colorado, according to the most recent report from the state association of Realtors.

In Pueblo County though, local brokers say market conditions haven’t improved much over last winter. The median home sales price there was down 2.7 percent at $316,000 when compared to last February’s median price of $324,650. The number of homes sold dropped nearly 16 percent, from 202 in February 2023 to 170 last month.

Realtors in Fremont County are seeing a similar trend and attribute it to buyers waiting for better interest rates. The median sales price there was $317,500 with 50 closings last month compared to $350,000 and 57 closed sales in February last year.

New listings are increasing in both counties though, and brokers in Pueblo County said they saw good buyer turnout at a mid-February county-wide open house event that resulted in a number of pending deals.

In the San Luis Valley, brokers say they’re seeing more new listings in most counties there too, while median prices in some parts of the region have gone down.