Democratic Party official found to have made false claims against lawmaker resigns from job in Treasurer’s office

An image of Sheena Kadi on a Colfax Avenue electric box. March 19, 2024.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
An image of Sheena Kadi on a Colfax Avenue electric box. March 19, 2024.

Updated at 8:17 p.m. on April 30th, 2024.

Sheena Kadi, a Democratic party official found to have made false allegations against state Rep. Leslie Herod, resigned on Tuesday as the spokesperson for Colorado Treasurer Dave Young, his office confirmed to CPR News.

CPR News reported that for over a year, Kadi publicly accused Herod of Denver of being a “sexual predator” and urged other Democrats to cut ties with her. In February, Herod was granted a year-long no-contact protection order from Kadi. A Denver County Court judge found Kadi’s claims of sexual assault and bullying by Herod to be “wholly unsubstantiated.” 

Kadi is currently serving as a Democratic state party vice-chair, although there is an effort underway to formally remove her from that position.

Herod said she was pleased with the actions taken so far and that Kadi will no longer work for the State Treasurer, whose office sits one floor below the House chamber.

“Actions have consequences, and it is my hope that she ceases this behavior immediately,” said Herod.

"I did not make any false claims," Kadi told CPR News in a text Tuesday night. "And hope to see the media reflect that in their reporting."

The Colorado Democratic Party has banned Kadi from participating in party events and barred her from accessing party resources, after a committee of Democratic officials determined she harassed other members and violated party rules. 

Democrats have also banned Kadi from meetings, assemblies and conventions and from accessing the voter file and email accounts.

“It’s surprising that she decided to move on from her position at the treasurer’s office, but I think it's better for her and everyone else involved, and I hope she makes the same consideration with the state party,” said Samantha Walsh, a lobbyist and co-chair of Democrats’ House District 24 committee, who filed a complaint against Kadi with the party.

“We still have plans to move forward to officially remove her and continue to hope she does the right thing,” Walsh said.