‘Monopoly: Colorado Springs Edition’ set to roll out next spring

Mr Monopoly stands in Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs
Courtesy Photo/Kerry Sutherland
Mr. Monopoly stands in front of the Uncle Wilbur Fountain in Acacia Park on June 25, 2024.

Garden of the Gods and the U.S. Air Force Academy may go up for sale next year in the new "Monopoly: Colorado Springs Edition."

But only if the public wants to give them a spot on the board. 

Mr. Monopoly visited Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs recently and announced the game’s newest city edition would debut in the spring of 2025. Community members can suggest locations they would like to see featured by providing feedback before Aug. 16, according to a press release.

Aaron Green is a sales representative from Top Trumps USA, the company that produces licensed regional editions of Monopoly in the U.S. He said Colorado Springs was an obvious choice. 

“We love the size of Colorado Springs—not too big, not too small—because there’s so much pride in where you’re from and there’s great iconic local businesses,” Green said.

Green said locals are already advocating for their favorite spots. 

“I’ve gotten… hundreds of emails and fantastic suggestions. And when I see places listed over and over—Oh, Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub—I’m going to talk to them because their name keeps popping up,” he said.

The original Atlantic City-themed elements—properties, Community Chest cards, Chance cards, and even the iconic currency—will get a Colorado Springs update, according to Green. About half of the property squares will be populated with landmarks, while the rest will be set aside to sponsor local businesses. 

Top Trumps USA began releasing specialty city editions six years ago and have since featured over 30 cities and regions in the U.S. Colorado Springs is the first in the intermountain West, outside of Park City, Utah, to get the nod.

“A lot of folks around town are very happy that you’re getting the edition and not a particular bigger city to the North,” he said.

Green said medium-sized cities are easier to represent on the board’s limited space.

Next spring, Mr. Monopoly will return to Colorado Springs to reveal whether ‘Boardwalk’ and ‘Park Place’ have become ‘Broadmoor’ and ‘Pikes Peak.’