Essential Saturdays with Jessie Jacobs

Today's artists, eras and masterpieces — the perfect starting point.

headshot of Jessie Jacobs

Host: Jessie Jacobs

When: Saturdays 1.-5 p.m. (starts after the Metropolitan Opera December through mid-June)

Saturdays aren't just for chores and soccer games. Brighten your day with beloved classical favorites. Find out about the melodies you remember from Fantasia Looney Tunes, discover why some music has stood the test of time and explore new essentials from the last century with host Jessie Jacobs

It's your time to hear the hits and discover new favorites. Whether you are new or old to classical music, you're sure to discover (or rediscover) something to love.

And continue your discovery of the essentials with our podcast Great Composers.

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