Monster Party



Disruptor Gallery, 2217 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, 80909

Event Description

“Monster Party explores the relationship I have with wanting to show my art and the anxiety I experience in doing so. My demons (or rather, my monsters) often come out to taunt me about my ability to create and promote myself confidently. Here, they deface my work, stand around and whisper criticisms I can’t overhear, and show up just to force me into awkward conversations. In this show, I hope to face the anxiety that plagues so many creatives, and maybe have a beer with that weird looking bat guy. If you can’t beat your demons, you may as well join them." -Ian Stewart, featured artist

Come to Disruptor Gallery to enjoy a free night of art, for this First Friday we are featuring Ian Stewart.



Event Contact

Disruptor Gallery @ Shutter&Strum


[email protected]