Peggy Fleming Trophy



broadmoor world arena, 25 Ravenglass Way, Colorado Springs, 80906

Event Description

The 5th annual Peggy Fleming Trophy, in collaboration with the Broadmoor Skating Club, will be held on June 29, 2022 in Colorado Springs, Colorado during the 25th Broadmoor Open skating competition. The focus of the event is the skater’s ability to artistically express and present a complete composition while demonstrating superb technical skills. The music, creativity and overall artistic impression are the emphasis of the competition, and all skating elements are assessed from the performance skills and artistic point of view.
The event is limited to 18 entries through invitation by Peggy Fleming Jenkins and Chief Referee, Gale Tanger. Senior level men and women will compete together, and against each other, for the Trophy as each skater presents a 3:30 minute +/- 10 sec. performance for evaluation and scoring by a renowned group of World and Olympic figure skating judges and officials.