Relational Crosspoint



Shutter and Strum, 2217 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, 80909

Event Description

Colorado Springs Fashion Week is an event dedicated to the promotion of fashion and its' verticals, promoting art cultivation in local communities. This collaboration signifies the relational crosspoint of art and fashion, featuring three wonderful artists/designers.

Join us on May 19th for this show. Come at 12PM for a cocktail and social hour with libations and snacks, the event will begin at 1PM.

Skye Barker Maa is the Designer and Owner of avant-garde clothing label SKYE|AIRE. SKYE|AIRE launched with a commitment to designing clothes for humans with a powerful presence and focus on creating an inclusive runway. The label includes clothing options for a diverse body type, height, weight, identity, age, ethnicity, and ability.
Bailey Heyman- "I've discovered that clothing serves as a powerful medium for expression. In fact, clothing can often convey messages more vividly than words ever could. I have become inspired by my experiences with Fashion Weeks and in the world of fashion. It's a space where like-minded individuals, all fluent in the language of fashion, come together to express themselves. Each encounter backstage reinforces my belief that in the world of fashion, we all have a compelling narrative to share."
Aaron Graves has been an exhibiting artist and designer in Colorado Springs for 21 years. He has frequently found ways to combine both of these worlds into his works.



Event Contact

Disruptor Gallery @ Shutter&Strum


[email protected]