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When you donate to KRCC, we'll plant a tree in your honor as part of a partnership with KRCC and the Colorado Tree Coalition. Donate now to help reach the goal of planting 5,000 trees!*

KRCC, the Colorado State Forest Service and the Colorado Tree Coalition are working together toward a goal of planting 5,000 trees to assist with reforestation efforts throughout the state.

For each donor who contributes to KRCC during this drive, one tree will be planted. This $25,000 opportunity has been sponsored by Bonnie Schriner, the Golson Family Fund, the Mistler Family Foundation and a donor in honor of Denver Urban Gardens.

The tree will be planted in your honor will help achieve conservation goals, including:

  • Restoring community forests after wildfire, flood and other natural disasters
  • Growing shelterbelts, windbreaks and living snow fences that protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways
  • Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Increasing erosion control and protecting streams
  • Practicing conservation that promotes clean air and water

This is a large-scale planting initiative, so you won't have the opportunity to select the tree species or where the tree is planted. We rely on the expertise of the Colorado State Forest Service and the Colorado Tree Coalition to choose the best locations and trees for reforestation efforts.