Breaking Bread panelists. Top row from left: Sandy Russell, Brian Pacini, Karina Gaylord. Bottom row, Adam Brock, Annette Gonzalez, Mehdi Khan.

(Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

Research shows the American public has grown more polarized along partisan lines in the last two decades. 

Recently, Colorado Matters began a series called "Breaking Bread." We gather people of different political stripes around a dinner table to see if they can find common ground.   

Here are some other efforts underway in Colorado and across the country that try to build bridges: 

  • The 5280 Table: is an  Aug. 10 event in Denver's City Park where people will dine along a mile-long table. The goal is to "encourage connectedness at a time when we need more openness, understanding and kindness between neighbors."
  • Bridge USA/Bridge CU works with University of Colorado students to bridge the gap between political parties.
  • Living Room Conversations encourages people to host small gatherings of people wth different views.
  • Make American Dinner Again organizes dinners for people with different political viewpoints. 
  • Mediators Foundation has a goal to promote bridge-building initiatives that advance peace, justice and sustainability. 
  • The Centrist Project encourages centrist policies and encourages more independent candidates to run. 
  • provides multiple sides on news stories to give people a "fuller picture."
  • National Institute of Civil Discourse supports elected officials who work collaboratively.