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Old Friends, Hope and Music Kick Off Air Check In 2020

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On this first episode of Air Check for the new year, the shows co-creator Jake Brownell gifts us with a return visit to the musical roundtable, singer/songwriter Miette Hope pays a visit home and to the KRCC studios for a performance of her new music, and violin maker Juan Pablo Mijares  opens the door of his workshop to KRCC's Mountain West reporter, Ali Budner.

PART ONE: Music Roundtable

Jeffs Pick:

Beck - Stratosphere

Vickys Pick:

Frameworks - Imagine Gold

Jakes Pick:

Oso Oso - The View

PART TWO: Miette Hope

Miette Hope
Credit Matt Chmielarczyk
Miette Hope

Miette Hope began her musical journey in Colorado Springs with the band Edith Makes A Paperchain which led to a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music and a career in New York City. Miette recently came home for the holidays, and we welcomed her back to the KRCC studios to talk and play a couple songs.

PART THREE: Diagon Alley's Violin Maker

91.5 KRCC's Ali Budner explored the magical and musical world of violin maker Juan Pablo Mijares to discuss the fine art of instrument craftsmanship,the wonder of wood, and the impulse to hit the slopes.

Juan Pablo Mijares
Credit Ali Budner
Juan Pablo Mijares