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Season 2 Preview: Equity & Education

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Conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion found their way into schools, classrooms, and school board meetings over the past few years. But fixing an entire education system isn’t simple.

Systemic, hosted and reported by Jo Erickson, is back for Season 2. This season, teachers, parents, students and administrators of color are asking hard questions about the American education system.

What topics get to be included in the curriculum? How can educators make schools a place where every family feels like they belong? And how do we keep students safe?

Systemic tells the stories of those who fight injustice as they attempt to dismantle the status quo. In each episode, you’ll hear from a person from a diverse community in Colorado trying to make a difference in education. In the audio diaries and interviews, you’ll hear their triumphs and struggles. And why they refuse to stand idly by and prop-up a broken system.

The podcast returns January 10. Follow the show wherever you listen so you don’t miss an episode.