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Sergei Rachmaninoff, Chapter 4: It Takes A Village

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Photo: Rachmaninoff plays piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff

Sergei Rachmaninoff finds himself in a funk. It’s been three years since the disastrous premiere of his Symphony No. 1 and the composer has barely written a note since then. His confidence is crushed. Self-doubt has crippled him. And it looks like his muse has left him.

Enter the family intervention. In what becomes a persistent theme in Rachmaninoff’s life, his family insists that it’s time to get off the couch and back to composing. They send him to a doctor who has been experimenting with a new type of remedy: hypnotherapy.

After months of positive talk therapy, and his family rooting for him, Sergei Rachmaninoff pulls off the greatest comeback story in classical music with his beloved Piano Concerto No. 2. Host Karla Walker and conductor and lecturer Scott O'Neil explain how it all came together. Subscribe so you don't miss an episode of The Great Composers.

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