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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Colorado’s 2020 election ballots have now been mailed to registered voters.

Obviously the big headlines on election night will be who wins and who loses, which ballot measures pass and which fail. But elections also tell a story -- about where the state is now, and where it might be headed.

As the clock ticks ever closer to the end of this election, the Purplish team -- Bente Birkeland, Caitlyn Kim and Andrew Kenney -- hash out what they'll be watching for as the returns come in. How will Diane Mitsch Bush and Lauren Boebert fare in their congressional district race, and what does that tell us about the politics of rural Colorado? If a blue wave washes out Cory Gardner and moderate statehouse Republicans, what does the Colorado GOP become in the future? How does the state adjust if voters decide they want to lower income taxes or reintroduce wolves?

And for Wait... What? we meet a couple who have raised political debates to an art form, and Andy introduces the team to the term "yeet" ... and then promptly runs it into the ground.

This episode of Purplish was produced by Jon Pinnow and Peter Creamer. The show is edited by Megan Verlee. Our executive producer is Rachel Estabrook. CPR’s head of audio innovations is Brad Turner, who also composed our theme music.