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Wish We Were Here Debuts Saturday, July 5


KRCC, Radio Colorado College, an NPR member station, will broadcast the pilot episode of its new hour-long radio show and podcast, Wish We Were Here, on Saturday July 5 at 3 p.m.; and Friday, July 11 at 7 p.m. on KRCC 91.5 FM and KRCC.org.

Produced by The Big Something creator Noel Black and Colorado College alumnus Jacob Brownell, the  show—produced in six-episode seasons starting this fall—will tell stories aimed at a national audience that complicate overly-simplified clichés about Colorado Springs and the greater Pikes Peak region. 

The first episode, I is An Other, retells and unpacks the story of Storme Aerison, aka Charles Daugherty, Storme Ireland, etc., the cheerleader at Coronado High School in 1990 who, as the story goes, “turned out to be a grown man.”

Putting a twist on the traditional hour-long weekend storytelling formats, WISH WE WERE HERE takes one pinpoint on the map of the United States as the archetype for the American experience as a whole. The show will also regularly feature academic insight and analysis from experts including Colorado College faculty.

“We’re really excited to take the original concept of The Big Something and look more closely into the geneaology of this place that embodies so much of what’s going on in the national zeitgeist,” says Black. “This place has so many amazing untold stories.”

WISH WE WERE HERE will also feature all original music composed and recorded by regional musicians.