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Beulah Red

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
The American and Colorado flags are draped under the Rotunda at the Colorado State Capitol on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, awaiting the return of state lawmakers.
Beulah Red: only in Colorado

The Colorado state capitol gleams with a dome of real gold, put there to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush. Its floors are built from white Yule marble, the state rock. And all through the building you’ll see walls covered in a beautiful pinkish stone with dramatic reddish-brown swirls and veins – that’s Beulah Red Marble.

Discovered west of Pueblo in the late 1800s, technically Beulah Red is limestone that gets its blush from iron oxide. It lines the Capitol’s hallways, arches over doorways, and holds up the columns in the rotunda. It’s also never been found anywhere else. And almost the entire known supply of Beulah Red was used up, except for a few houses in Beulah, some fireplaces in Pueblo, and some blocks held in reserve for the capitol – so far unneeded.

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