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Boreal Toad

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(Jeff Mitton)
<p>Scientists have been treating young boreal toads to protect them from a deadly fungus.</p>
The boreal toad

In Colorado’s subalpine areas, you might spot a greenish-gray toad hanging out in shallow waters, sporting a white stripe on its back. Each Boreal toad is further distinguished by its own belly pattern, as unique as a fingerprint. You won't hear the boreal toad croak, as it doesn’t have the vocal organ to make that sound, but you might hear this delicate chirp.

Instead of drinking, the toad absorbs water through a patch on its skin, and that can be infected by a fungus that’s depleting amphibian populations worldwide. The Boreal toad was once common in the southern Rocky Mountains, but has declined drastically over the past few decades. A hundred toads are now in the Denver Zoo’s care, in a conservation effort to restore the animal in the Southern Rockies. With thanks to biologist Denita Weeks, this is a Colorado Postcard.

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