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Debate Over Local Municipalities’ Bar Closing Times; Anonymous Boulder Street Artist

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Lawmakers at the Capitol are debating whether to allow municipalities to decide when bars should close. We speak with a bar owner and a nightclub manager who have differing views on the legislation. Then, an anonymous street artist paints images of human faces and animals on mailboxes, buildings, and electrical boxes around Boulder. Business owners often like them so much, they keep them up, but legally, the paintings are vandalism. And, Judy Collins spent her formative years in Colorado and is in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. The Library of Congress has just honored Collins and we listen back to our 2011 interview with her. Plus, the Colorado Rockies' home opener is Friday and just steps away from Coors Field is a museum that's a shrine to classic ballparks, with wooden seats from the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit and the Polo Grounds in New York.