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Feb. 13, 2023: Allegations of stalking and racism at El Paso County ranch

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Courtesy Vern Howard
Courtney Mallery, 41, stands on his farm, Freedom Acres Ranch in rural El Paso County in this undated photo. The Mallerys are accusing their neighbors and local law enforcement of racism by intimidation, killing their livestock and making threats. Courtney and Nicole Mallery were arrested on Feb. 6, 2023 after neighbors filed felony stalking charges against them.

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Two Black ranchers in rural El Paso County say they’re the victims of racist neighbors and law enforcement. The neighbors and the El Paso County sheriff’s office deny the claims. The ranchers have themselves been charged with felony stalking. Then, the music of Arum Rae, who grew up in Colorado Springs. Her new album, “Loose Ends,” was released this month.