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Sept. 6, 2019: Researcher Plans To Get Stuck In Ice; How the CU-Nebraska Rivalry Started

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<p>Credit: Mario Hoppmann, Alfred Wegener Institute</p>
<p>In 2019 this ship will carry a crew of scientists, including Matthew Shupe from the University of Colorado, on a voyage to recreate Fridtjof Nansen&#039;s polar expedition.  The project is known as “MOSAiC” for Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate.</p>

Claudia Valdez Sandoval inspired a state law limiting police cooperation with ICE but she faces an uncertain future. A CU researcher plans to get stuck in arctic ice.  Plus, inside the HAATS training facility. A cyclist takes on the Continental Divide to track climate change. Also, opening the outdoors to everyone, and the origin of the CU-Nebraska rivalry.