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Sept. 7, 2023: New effort to keep Trump off 2024 state ballot; Five generations of farmers

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Walter's 100th
Courtesy of Amen Family/Jennifer Pierce
The Amen family gathered in 2022 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Walter Amen, whose parents founded Amen Angus Farms in northeastern Colorado in 1915. The operation was recently designated a Colorado Centennial Farm and Walter Amen was named a Centennial Farmer. He died in July, 2023 at age 101.

There’s a new effort to try to keep former president Donald Trump off the ballot in Colorado next year. A lawsuit, filed in the federal district court for Colorado, argues that Trump can’t hold office because he has committed insurrection against the United States. Then, what kind of sustainable choices are people willing to make? Also, "Centennial" farms, toads, and the first day of preschool.