The first day of preschool, according to some 4-year-old Coloradans

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Education bric-a-brac in a preschool classroom at the Jamaica Child Development Center on August 15, 2023.

While UPK or universal preschool has had a bumpy start for some adults, many of the kids could give a hoot about that. CPR education reporter Jenny Brundin had some parents conduct interviews with their little ones before and after that first day of preschool. What follows is a snapshot of what the first day of school is like from a 4-year-old perspective.

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The first day of preschool, according to some 4-year-old Coloradans

Rune, 4

Courtesy Boulder Valley School District 2
Rune holds a first day of preschool sign.

Listen to Rune talk about the first day of school

Rune's mom: Did you learn anything today?

Rune: I don't know.

Rune's mom: You don't know?!

Rune: Mom, what's it called again?

Rune's mom: What is what called again? What you learned?

Rune: Yeah.

Rune's mom: I wasn't in school with you. Did you learn about astrophysics? Oh, rocket science, right?

Rune: No.

Rune's mom: Oh. Did you maybe sing a song?

Rune: I did. It was a scarf song.

Rune's mom: A scarf song! So, you got to scarf dance at school?

Rune: Yeeeaaaah!

Sarafina, 4

Courtesy of Sarah Heiman
Sarafina on the first day of preschool.

Listen to Sarafina talk about the first day of school

Sarafina's mom: What'd you have for lunch?

Sarafina: We had banana and cucumbers and ketchup.

Sarafina's mom: And ketchup?! [laughs] That sounds like an interesting lunch.

Sarafina: And cucumbers. That's all we had.

Sully, 4

CPR News/Jenny Brundin
Sully, 4, takes a moment to calm down with one of his soccer coaches. He'll get 30 free hours of universal preschool this school year.

Listen to Sully talk about the first day of school

Sully: I learned about soccer.

Sully's mom: Oh, you learned about soccer today?

Sully: Then run super hard. Then take the watch from my friend. Then door to door, then hooray!

Sully's mom: Oh, good job! That's what you do when you play soccer?

Sully: And play on the playground and play with the wood chips.

Sully's mom: Oh, you played with the wood chips today too?

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