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The Hard Rock 100

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Colorado Postcards
The Hard Rock 100

There are marathons, there are ultra marathons, and then there’s the Hard Rock 100. It's a 100-mile long distance race that makes runners deal with high altitude, life-threatening weather, river crossings and sometimes, dangerous wildlife. The run starts and ends in Silverton, on a course that goes through Telluride, Ouray and the ghost town Sherman. You’ll go over major mountain passes more than a dozen times. You’ll also summit a fourteener – for an elevation change of more than 66 thousand feet in all.

The first rule of the Hard Rock 100? No whining. You have 48 hours to finish. The record? 23-½ hours. And if you get to the end of the course, you must “kiss the hard rock” – a stone painted with a ram's head. And only then, have you finished. There are four other ultramarathons in the mountains. Do at least three of them and the Hard Rock 100, and you’ll complete the Rocky Mountain Slam – something only 60 people have accomplished.

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