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The Many Springs of Colorado

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Courtesy of Manitou Springs Heritage Center
The arch inviting visitors to Manitou Springs as it appeared in 1913. The town celebrates its 150th birthday this year.
The many springs of Colorado

Hot Sulphur Springs, seat of Grand County, gets its name honestly: there are in fact geothermal springs in town, burbling sulfurous and hot. Glenwood Springs has attracted visitors to its hot springs for a long time. Steamboat Springs is named for the chugging sound the town's springs once made, like a steamboat paddling up the Yampa river, though it’s been silent for more than a century.

Around the state, you'll find other towns named for their springs: Pagosa Springs, Idaho Springs, Eldorado Springs…

And yet, the city commonly referred to as "The Springs," Colorado Springs, didn't have any, until one was discovered about 20 years after the city was founded. It’s been capped for years, and recent efforts may make that water flow once again. But where will you more readily find mineral springs in The Springs area? Why, just to the west, inside the city limits of Manitou Springs.

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