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Wanted: Investors For Rural Start-Ups; A New Archive For Local Art; The Strange Friendship of Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill

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If you think of places in Colorado where starts-ups are born, Boulder might come to mind for natural foods, Fort Collins for its beer and Denver as a tech magnet. A prominent venture capitalist wants to spread the love to Colorado's rural areas. Small town starts-ups are our focus today in "The Disrupters," coverage of entrepreneurship in the state. Then, the last time Grand Junction voters approved a property tax increase for schools, current high school seniors were in kindergarten. Civic leaders hope voters are ready for another. And, Denver's changing so fast its history can be lost to newcomers, so artists are digging deep into the past to create and save new works. Then, the story of a strange friendship in the Old West. American Indians and white settlers often battled to the death, but Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill forged a bond. We speak with the author of the new book "Blood Brothers."