A Psychologist in A War Zone

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Army Captain Katie Kopp spent a year in Afghanistan dodging gunfire and rocket attacks, but her job there wasn't to fight. Kopp is a psychologist, and she was in Afghanistan to help soldiers as they struggled with the effects of combat. The military has deployed psychologists for years. The difference now is that Kopp has continued to work with the same brigade since they returned to Fort Carson. Ryan Warner speaks with Kopp.

Warner also speaks with Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette, about the army's efforts to provide adequate mental health services. Philipps is the author of “Lethal Warriors”, a book about soldiers at Ft. Carson who brought the violence of the war zone back home with them to Colorado Springs. Listen to Warner's earlier interview with Philipps about "Lethal Warriors."

[Photo: Flickr User Army.mil]