Air Dubai’s Wonder Age

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Air Dubai's lead vocalists, Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness met as students at a Denver middle school. They performed together as a duo for a couple of years. Then last year, they added five musicians to their lineup. Their energetic live shows have garnered rave reviews ever since.

The band members tell different stories about how they came up with the name, “Air Dubai.” But Thomas says it boils downs to the fact that he likes the sound of the words: "We definitely had people come to us and assume that we’re politically charged just because of our name, but as a group we don’t have an agenda and personally, I don’t think really we do much either.”

Instead, he says the band focuses on playing songs that reflect where they are in their own lives. The members range in age from 18 to 22. "Everything about summer and everything about this age and this point in our careers is very positive and very happy. So it only made sense to us to write songs about the positive experiences in our lives. And that’s not to say all of our songs are completely positive or happy or carefree or whatever. But at this point in our career, it is our wonder age.”

Air Dubai's new album is called Wonder Age.

Photo Credit: Air Dubai