‘Because The Sky Is Everywhere’ Guides Kids Through Grieving A Parent’s Death

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Sky Is Everywhere Excerpt 4
From "Because The Sky Is Everywhere."

Nancy Sharp's twins were toddlers, her husband died of cancer. The twins, Rebecca and Casey, couldn't understand where their father had gone and asked a lot of questions.

Nancy Sharp With Her First Husband Brett Zickerman And Their Kids
Nancy Sharp with her first husband Brett Zickerman and their twins in New York City. Zickerman died of cancer when the twins were 2 and a half years old.

Sharp's new picture book for children,"Because the Sky is Everywhere," is her effort to answer those questions. Her main character, Liam, whose father has died, searches everywhere for him and eventually makes a discovery that offers him comfort.

Sharp, who has also written a memoir about her own loss, says while death is a tough concept for adults, it's all the more abstract for small children. Sharp spoke with Colorado Matters host Andrea Dukakis about her story. Here are some page excerpts from the book:

The Sky Is Everywhere Except 1
From "Because The Sky Is Everywhere."
The Sky Is Everywhere Excerpt 2
From "Because The Sky Is Everywhere."
The Sky Is Everywhere Excerpt 3
From "Because The Sky Is Everywhere."