Boulder theater premiering new play from writer Dava Sobel

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(Photo: Courtesy of Mia Berg)

Photo: Dava SobelScience writer Dava Sobel is known all over the world for her lyrical books, especially “Longitude” and “Galileo’s Daughter.” They’re praised for bringing humanity and heart to the exploration of science.

Now, the Pulitzer-nominated Sobel has written her first play. “And the Sun Stood Still” is about Nicolaus Copernicus and the struggle he faced deciding whether to go public with his theory that the earth revolved around the sun – not the other way around.Photo: Dava Sobel play And the Sun Stood Still

The play gets its world premiere tonight at the Boulder Ensemble Theater Company. Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner talks with Sobel and producing director Stephen Weitz, who helped her develop the script.