Boulder’s Daredevil Evil Cheesey Rides Again In New Film

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<p>Courtesy Chris Leising</p>
<p>Terry Chesebro, a.k.a. Evil Cheesey in 2013.</p>

Daredevil motorcycle stunts around Boulder in the 1970s turned a plumber’s son named Terry Chesebro into the legendary Evil Cheesey. But Evil Cheesey’s time in the limelight didn’t last long.

In “Evil Cheesey Rides Again,” filmmakers Jack Hanley and Chris Leising set out to tell Chesebro’s story and capture one final jump. Instead they ended up documenting the last days of Evil Cheesey as he descended into dementia, and they saw how he symbolized “old Boulder” before the city gentrified and transformed.

"Evil Cheesey Rides Again" premieres at Chautauqua Community House in Boulder tomorrow, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. The screening will be” followed by a post screening Q&A with Leising and Hanley.

Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner speaks with filmmakers Chris Leising and Jack Hanley.