Chamomile Or Earl Grey? Every Year A Steer Attends A Tea Party At The Brown Palace

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Photo: MPF Brown Palace Steer
Last year's National Western Stock Show champion steer, Fu, kisses his owner, Lillie Skiles, in the lobby of the Brown Palace Hotel.

Even for a cowtown (shhh, some people really do still call Denver that), this tradition is a little unusual.

Tomorrow, two big ol' steers, having just been judged the grand champion and runner-up at the National Western Stock Show, will walk the red carpet into Denver's elegant Brown Palace Hotel, just in time for the establishment's daily tea.

For two hours, the animals -- fluffed and buffed with a little cosmetic powder -- will pose for pictures with fans. Then, it's off to a nighttime auction and, sadly, the slaughterhouse.

Brown Palace historian Debra Faulkner tells Colorado Matters the tradition began in 1945. So far all of the animals have maintained their poise in the Brown's lobby, but one did manage to get loose outside the hotel and lead his handlers on a chase through downtown. His vanity led to his capture.