Colorado secretary of state to consider election year rules for Citizens United

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Photo: Elections (iStock)Citizens United is best known as the moniker for the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that changed the campaign finance landscape in the U.S. Because of that ruling, corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts of money in elections.

Citizens United is also a politically-active nonprofit that has made several films in recent years, including "Hilary: The Movie," which was the subject of the lawsuit that led to 2010's historic ruling. Now, Citizens United is planning to make a film in Colorado ahead of November's election. That plan will be the subject of a hearing tomorrow at the Secretary of State's office.

According to a petition (PDF) filed with the Colorado Secretary of State's office, the film will be an hour-long documentary about advocacy groups and their impact on public policy in the state. The film will include “unambiguous references” to elected officials who are up for reelection, including Governor John Hickenlooper, the only politician named in the petition.

In order to legally show the film and advertise it in the state within 60 days of the election while not disclosing donors to it, Citizens United must get permission from the Secretary of State. The group plans to release the film in September and distribute it during the 60-day window, according to the petition. Secretary of State Scott Gessler's office will hear that petition tomorrow at a hearing.