Eclipse: Pro Tips On The View From Colorado

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Photo: Eclipse glasses watching at Folsom Field
Thousands of people wearing special eclipse glasses watched a partial solar eclipse at CU's Folsom Field in 2012.

The Great American Eclipse is on Monday, Aug. 21. We've got a procrastinator's guide to the total eclipse here. Staying in Colorado? Doug Duncan, director of the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder offered Colorado Matters some ideas.

Here's a simple one if you're at home or work: Step outside and look under a leafy tree. You’ll see hundreds of little crescent shadows. That's because leaves act like pinhole cameras, casting the shadow of the eclipse onto the ground.

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to an area where the eclipse will be total, here's a pro tip: Glance away from the sun and observe the color of the horizon - it’s like a 360 degree sunset.