Governor Defends Dunlap Decision, Responds to Lobato Verdict

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Two big legal decisions dominate Colorado Matters' regular conversation with Governor John Hickenlooper this month. The first is a ruling from the Colorado State Supreme Court. In Lobato v. Colorado, plaintiffs argued that the state so severely underfunds its schools that it’s violating the state constitution. Justices did not agree.

The second decision we’ll talk about is Hickenlooper’s own, to indefinitely delay the execution of convicted murderer Nathan Dunlap. The governor says he was trying to balance his own objection to carrying out a death sentence with respect for Colorado's laws, and that he knew his choice would make many people angry.

Also in this month's conversation: what's next now that the governor has signed new marijuana regulations and whether he's considering a veto for a rural renewable energy bill.

Hickenlooper also took a peek at our gallery of listeners' shelter cats and dogs and makes his vote for the faces of the new state pet. (Disclaimer: This is just for fun and the governor's selection has no bearing on the state's actual process of picking an official image to go with the state pet. But our selections are pretty darned cute...And we added a photo of the governor with his own shelter dog, Skye.)


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