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How to get started with financial planning

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Rachel Estabrook/CPR News
Yizeth Almemar, left, of TrailWise Financial Partners, and Alana Macy of Bloom Wealth Advisors. Financial planning helps prepare people for retirement, unexpected expenses, or small and large purchasing goals.

If your employer doesn't offer a retirement account, the state treasurer's office will likely set one up for you this spring, though you can opt out. Retirement is one reason to save, but there are many others, according to certified financial planners Yizeth Almemar and Alana Macy, who talked with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about how to get started. Almemar is with TrailWise Financial Partners in Arvada. Alana Macy is with Bloom Wealth Advisors in Boulder. Also, we hear more about the treasurer's plan to get Coloradans prepared for retirement.

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