Is Bacteria The Reason For Your Sweet Tooth?

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This story originally aired on 11/25/2015.

Nicole Garneau tests for sweet senstivity
Nicole Garneau of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science swabs a participant’s mouth as part of its Sweet Taste Study, which launched on November 6th.

Scientists want to know why some people experience sweets differently from others and they think the bacteria in a person's body -- and a person's DNA -- has a lot to do with it.

This month, researchers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science started an experiment using visitors as guinea pigs to determine how different factors influence how people react to sweets.

Nicole Garneau is the leading the study. She spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

Find out how to sign up for the experiment.

Dr. Robin Tucker, PhD, RD of Bowling Green State University Department of Public Allied Health, and Tiffany Nuessle, MA, of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Research Manager are partners in the study.