Janet Feder’s Cheap Inspiration

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Last summer, Denver guitarist Janet Feder drove to a recording studio outside Fort Collins. Waiting for her was a cheap electric guitar that had already traveled thousands of miles, part of something called the $100 Guitar Project. In 2010, two east coast musicians bought the guitar on eBay and thought it would be fun to ask some friends to record with it. One thing led to another, and two years later, 65 guitarists have contributed to a new album, including Feder, who’s known for her innovative guitar technique. She adds objects to the strings, like beads, rings, and horsehair, to produce unusual sounds. She joined Ryan Warner in CPR's performance studio, where she talked about her experience with the $100 guitar and her most recent album, Songs with Words.

Watch Feder demonstrating her guitar technique.

Janet Feder returned to the CPR Performance Studio on February 27, 2013 to perform two songs for us.

[Photo: Michael McGrath]