Online Dating On Stage

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Online dating became an addiction for actress and writer Luciann Lajoie, of Denver. She can’t say exactly how many dates she went on. Her best guess is somewhere around 75 or 80. Then she decided to step back from her obsessive search for Mr. Right. She started interviewing others about their experiences with online dating. She ended up talking to more than 150 people. Old, young, gay, straight, Mormon, Jewish, they all felt alone. But they were actually sharing a journey with many, many others - one of embellished profiles, Photoshopped pictures, unpleasant first dates, and sometimes, actual relationships. LaJoie weaves these interviews and her own experiences into a new one-woman show called DATE*. It opens tomorrow at Off Center at the Jones at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

[Photo: Bonnie Arnold]