Pianist Bruce Adolphe on how music can improve your imagination

September 9, 2014
Photo: Bruce Adolphe demonstrates imagination exercises in the CPR Performance Studio(Photo: CPR/Lesley McClurg)
Bruce Adolphe demonstrates exercises to stimulate the imagination at the grand piano in CPR's Performance Studio.
Harmonies, chords, and soulful beats aren’t just good for getting your groove on. Music is also food for the brain.
Research shows that absorbing melodies works as a strong tool for boosting academic performance, among other things, because it inspires the mind to improvise. 
Author and pianist Bruce Adolphe teaches musical exercises meant to inspire creativity as composer-in-residence at the University of Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute
Adolphe recently visited Colorado Public Radio after leading a workshop series in the state for the Poudre School District to share with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner some of the benefits that come from doing musical excercise.