Preventing Suicides With a Fake Therapist

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You know how men sometimes have a hard time talking about their feelings? The real trouble is when a man’s depressed, or even suicidal, and doesn't get help. Guys of working age account for the largest number of suicides in Colorado and nationwide. But there's a new effort in this state to change that, with a fake therapist named Dr. Rich Mahogany and his irreverent sense of humor. The result is an innovative approach to tackling suicide. CPR's Zachary Barr talks with Sally Spencer Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of the Denver-based Carson J. Spencer Foundation. She helped create Dr. Mahogany, along with the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention and Cactus Communications.

You can see Dr. Mahogany in action here:

[Image of Dr Mahogany: courtesy Cactus Communications]
[Photo: Sally Spencer-Thomas]