Reading, Writing, and Wriggling: New All-Boys School In Denver Would Blend Academics And Athletics

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Photo: Nick Jackson Carol Bower GALS
Nick Jackson is a language arts teacher at the Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) in Denver. He hopes to be the head of school at the boys school in the fall of 2017. Carol Bowar will be the executive director of both.

There's a movement in education to get more movement into education. The Girls Athletic Leadership charter School in Denver (GALS) is an example. It's all girls, and a student might be asked to run down the hall in the middle of math class as part of the lesson.

Now, the schools organizers want to try the concept with boys, pending approval from Denver Public Schools. Nick Jackson is a language arts teacher at GALS and would become head of school at this new boys charter school. It would start with the sixth grade and add a class every year until it's also a high school. Jackson spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

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