The Class Of 2018 Welcomes Both A 79-Year-Old Grandma And Her Granddaughter

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Photo: Kornfeld Graduation
Izzi and Linda Kornfeld at the CPR Studios on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Izzi and Linda Kornfeld share a lot of similarities. They both graduated from East High School in Denver before going off to college. They're now both members of the college class of 2018. There is one big difference between the two women: Izzi is 22, and her grandma Linda is 79.

The Kornfelds told Colorado Matters about their very different paths to a college. Linda dropped out of college after 2 years, to marry the man of her dreams. She wanted to continue her education, but her generation had different expectations for women. Izzi and Linda made the most of attending college at the same time -- they swapped study tips, proofread essays, made flash cards. Now Izzi has a global studies degree from the University of Virginia, and Linda will accept her diploma in sociology next week from the University of Denver.