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The gift of historic newspapers helps preserve the day-to-day lives of Denver’s Black citizens

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Denver Star Newspaper
Courtesy Denver Public Library
A copy of the Denver Star from 1934.

The Denver Star newspaper chronicled the lives of African Americans living in the Mountain West region between the years 1913 to 1963. It's a history that, historians say, Denver’s mainstream media could not -- or would not -- cover at the time.

Researchers say the publication is critical in documenting Black life in Denver: their day-to-day activities, the events that impacted their lives and the issues they cared about most.

For years the Denver Public Library and other institutions had attempted to preserve the Denver Star, but there were always gaps in that record. Now, the generosity of Dr. Nancy Dawson, a retired college professor and journalist based in Russellville, Kentucky ensures this chapter in history will be preserved for generations to come.