This Veteran Concert Photographer Captures The Quieter Moments In Black And White

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<p>Courtesy of&nbsp;Lisa Siciliano</p>
<p>Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine performs.</p>

Lisa Siciliano spent a lot of time with some of rock music's biggest characters as the house photographer at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for 10 years: Tom Petty, B.B. King, the Allman Brothers, Iggy Pop, Willie Nelson, the list goes on.

Siciliano made a name for herself not by focusing on the bright colors and manic energy of rock shows, but for her black and white film photos of the quieter moments on stage. She talked to Colorado Matters about the sights she's seen and the stories she's heard on the job.

On Thursday, Dec. 6, in Boulder, Siciliano will host her 13th annual rock art show at The Riverside in Boulder.