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Explaining Colorado’s three statewide ballot issues

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Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Signs that direct voters to a ballot drop box outside the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s offices in Grand Junction on Thursday, August 26, 2021.

Public affairs editor Megan Verlee explains Amendment 78 and Proposition 120 on this year’s statewide ballot. Amendment 78 focuses on who controls “custodial funds” and how they’re spent. That's the money that comes to the state from outside sources like big lawsuit awards or federal stimulus. Proposition 120 would cut the state property tax assessment rate by 9 percent, but a preemptive bill passed by the legislature last spring could impact what's included.

Proposition 119 on the November ballot would raise the tax on recreational cannabis and take additional money from a state trust fund to pay for after-school programs ranging from tutoring to summer camps. Low-income families would take priority. CPR public affairs reporter Bente Birkeland and education reporter Jenny Brundin explain where the money will go and how the politics are playing out. Read more in CPR's 2021 Voters Guide.