Police: ‘Major Threats’ Eliminated at Aurora Suspect’s Apartment

Aurora Police say bomb technicians successfully detonated an explosive device just before noon on Saturday in the apartment of James Holmes, the suspect in Friday's mass shooting at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie.

Police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson says officers believe they have now “eliminated the remaining major threats” inside the apartment.

At about 11:40am, police blocked traffic on Peoria Street in Aurora. A few minutes later, an air horn blew; that was followed by an explosion. A tweet from the Aurora Police Department moments later read, "The controlled detonation was successful."

Earlier, at a mid-morning press briefing, Sgt. Carlson had told reporters that officials had "defeated the first threat," which she described as a trip wire connected to an incendiary device. Carlson said it had been set to detonate when someone entered the apartment.

"It was set up to kill that person," she said.

Police had previously said there were numerous "booby traps" in the apartment. The entire building and four others in the area were evacuated Friday. Sgt. Carlson says many hazards remain in the apartment and that another controlled detonation may be necessary.

Police believe 24-year-old James Holmes carried out a shooting at a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," the new Batman movie, at a theater at the Aurora Town Center mall early Friday morning. Twelve people are confirmed dead. 58 more were wounded.