‘Obamacare’ insurance prices released

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The prices approved by the state are for the individual and small group markets only. Most Coloradans get their health insurance through their jobs, and for them, few changes are expected next year.

The average price of an individual health policy in Colorado prior to the introduction of Obamacare was about $200 a month. Similar plans will be available for about the same price.

But it’s impossible to make direct comparisons of prices between the newly approved insurance policies and what’s available on the market now, because the new policies must meet new federal requirements.

Prices will also be lower than listed for anyone making less than $46,000 a year. They’ll be able to qualify for subsidies to make insurance more affordable. Subsidies will be larger for people with lower incomes.

A complete list of plans and prices is availalble here.

More information about the plans and how to sign up for them is available at: Getcoveredco.com