Studies: Choirs make you feel better!

· Dec. 4, 2013, 7:00 am
Choir - traditionalsource: Wikimedia Commons

Singing is good for you!

Choir - contemporarysource: Wikimedia Commons

I’ll be talking to the directors of five of these choirs on Sacred Classics this Sunday, and they’ll be introducing the music on the recordings of their ensembles. I enjoy their insight into the music they’ve spent so much time preparing and studying. And, of course, they will have all the information about their upcoming performances during the Christmas season. Joining me in the studio this Sunday:

Brad Larson – Kantorei
Brian Patrick Leatherman – Cherry Creek Chorale
Jonathan Brown – Canto Deo
Donna Wickham – Firesign Vocal Quartet
Timothy J. Krueger – St. Martin’s Chamber Choir

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