Study Finds Higher Rate of Texting & Driving Among Never-Deployed Military

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A study by USAA finds higher rates of texting while driving among service members who have never been deployed than among those who have.  KRCC’s Elaina Formby reports. 

The company’s study shows more than half of active-service military who have never been deployed admit to texting while driving, as compared to 39% of those previously deployed. The rate dips another five percent for service members within six months of returning from deployment.

The study also shows differences between ranks and genders. Officers are more likely to text and drive than enlisted members, and females are more likely than males.

Colorado Springs was one of nine military communities targeted for the company’s 2013 study, which included all five military branches. In Colorado Springs, more than half of service members surveyed admitted to texting while driving, a ten percent increase from the national average.